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Our Origin Story

The year was 1996. Evan and Danielle were enjoying their time in their twenties and raising a three year old daughter. Their desire to have their own business of serving others in their local community, coupled with Evan's enjoyment of construction, let to the birth of Build Rite Construction, Inc.

With an eye for architecture and construction, Evan founded Build Rite Construction, Inc. in 1996 out of an 800 square foot rented office space on Main Street in Archdale, NC. As he worked long and hard hours to develop and grow his new company, he and Danielle also built their first house from the ground up.

A modest white house in Trinity, Evan moved his growing business into an attached area on his newly finished home in 1998. A three bedroom, two bath house with an additional two room and bath portion for the business, Build Rite continued to grow. As both his business and family expanded, the business moved into its own location in Thomasville, N.C.

As father of three and a business owner, Evan quickly filled his new 3,000 square foot building and continued serving customers in the Triad. While he originally was the front man on every job, his business had grown to having many employees in various positions. He led his company well, and his team expressed their respect for him by staying for many years, even to this day.

Eventually Build Rite outgrew the office building and purchased a 30,000 square foot office and warehouse also located in Thomasville. Currently operating out of this building, Build Rite is still growing and thriving.

Over the years, Evan has not only had the opportunity to grow and develop an exceptional team, but each of his own children have also worked at Build Rite. As Evan runs both Build Rite Constr. and Service Master of High Point, a restoration company, his children have worked in both companies in the field and in the office. Currently, his wife and daughter both work alongside Evan in their family company.

Looking back, what began as one man's goal to build a successful company of serving others through construction work has become a successful business with an exceptional team serving the Triad and surrounding areas. With integrity and exceptional service at the forefront of his business model, Evan is grateful for the success he sees today. Hindsight shows how far you have come and how hard work and prayer allow business to blossom. We thank God for the growth and development of our company and look forward to many more years of construction!

We're so glad you have stopped by to share in our story, and we would love to hear from you as well!

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