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Summertime and Decks

Are you ready for summertime? After all of the icy weather and rain we have had this winter, we at Build Rite Const. are all ready for summertime!

With summertime comes time spent outside, kids playing sports in the backyard, and pets zooming around enjoying the weather. It's a beautiful time to eat outdoors and enjoy the fresh air with friends and family. What better way to eat outside than on sturdy and attractive deck built to accommodate all of your friends and family?

This deck belongs to Brittany and her husband, Miguel. In this photo, it's ready to be stained and used!

At Brittany's house (our Digital Marketing Manager), she and Miguel are looking forward to spending the summer outdoors with their children. As they are in the final stages of their children's adoption, they anticipate many afternoons and evenings spent on the deck having picnics, playing games with their kids, and throwing the ball for their dogs.

As decks have many uses, we'd love to hear what you use your deck for or what you envision using a deck for in the future. We can think of many things, such as grilling out, entertaining guests, and relaxing with a good book. We know there are many more great ways to utilize your deck, and we look forward to hearing your ideas!

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